Take control of your customers and contacts!

More Power

Use the power of CRM-Express to manage all your customers and contacts from anywhere in the world.

What is CRM-Express?

CRM-Express is a online and desktop software to manage your customers and contacts. It can be used by individuals, families, small and  and midsized businesses.

  • See all communications with a customer or contact at a glance. .
  • It's online. Access from anywhere and share customers, contacts, orders and invoices between family members and business partners.
  • Respond easily to all customer and contact requests

More Flexibility

Use it 24 hours per day, 7 hours per week and 52 weeks per year from anywhere!

Import customers and contacts
Connect to your current email system
Create and send invoices


CRM-Express Desktop

Install on your Windows PC

Ultimate, Professional and eSales can sync over the internet using Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive

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Use our feature-filled desktop edition to connect all computers and laptaps in your office. Share contacts, tasks, orders, emails and much more. Use it for email campaigns. Ideal for small businesses, doctor practices etc. Ideal when..

  • You want complete control over your data
  • You need access to your data on a local area network
  • All office staff should have access to data while in the office.
  • You need a CRM app that runs on all Windows versions including Windows 8
  • You want your data at work to share, on your laptop on the road and at home.
  • Now works with flash drives
  • Use Dropbox and Microsoft SkyDrive for working over the internet
  • CRM-Express Desktop and Network does not require you to be online to use it. If you are using Dropbox or Microsoft Skydrive, data will be synchronised over the internet when you connect again.
  • CRM-Express Desktop and Network is the most secure option as you do not need to store your data on the internet
  • No server is required for the Desktop and Network option. Any computer on the network can function as a server if required
  • Top 13 reasons why you should be using CRM-Express for Network and single users (our Desktop version) that synchronizes with data on the internet.

Online Manuals

Online Manual

Tips and Tutorials

  Problem installing? Windows 7, Vista, XP etc?
How do I How do I setup CRM-Express on a network?
How do I add product images to Quotes, Orders and Invoices?
How do I search in CRM-Express?
How do I setup multiple calendar views?
How do I assign a user name and password to an address book?
How do I setup a new view in CRM-Express?
At a glance view

Installing CRM-Express

Single computer

CRM-Express Desktop

  • Start by installing CRM-Express Desktop on your Windows Home Computer or on your business computer at home or at work.
  • CRM-Express can be installed on a Windows computer and accessed from any number of computers, tablets or smartphones

Home Network

CRM-Express Desktop

  • You can access CRM-Express Desktop on your home or work computer from any other computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that have access to your wireless network.
  • The only limitation is that it must run any of the 5 major browsers. (IE 7 or later, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera).


CRM-Express Online

  • CRM-Express Online is hosted on our servers.
  • Virtually any computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone that can use any of the 5 major browsers can access CRM-Express Online.
  • CRM-Express Online supports a vast number of devices - even devices that has not been created yet..

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