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CRM-Express doctor software makes it easy to keep a record of patients with contact details, fees paid, fees outstanding, all communications whether by fax, email, phone calls, SMS Text, etc.

CRM-Express doctor software can be used as the main medium for communications between the doctor and patients regarding fees outstanding, test results, appointment reminders, etc. You can even use it to schedule up to 16 doctors appointments.


It can also be used to print invoices for patients.


Below you can find some tips on how to use CRM-Express in a Doctor practice.


With a standard 5-pack Professional ($190), you can

  • Connect 4 doctors and 1 receptionist together on a network
  • Import patient information from a csv file into CRM-Express
  • Allow the receptionist to move patients between doctors on the calendar
  • Send a SMS text reminder or message to a patient
  • Send a customized SMS text message to group of patients
  • Email a patient
  • Send a customized Email to group of patients
  • Generate reminders
  • Auto-dial if connected to a modem
  • Communicate via skype with a patient
  • Keep detail of patients
  • Create custom fields for the practice allowing you to add fields to the database automatically
  • Print invoices
  • Keep notes on patients
  • etc

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