Parse messages to database
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Email parser and auto-responder. It is a tool you can use to parse and extract data from form-based emails to integrate with your business data and send auto-responses. If you receive orders, invoices, support enquiries, web site feedback forms or any of form based data by email - you will find Email2DB an invaluable tool. Email2DB can read and process emails from POP3, IMAP and Exchange Servers - plus directly from Microsoft Outlook 2003 folders. You can also use Email2DB as a mail server and send emails directly to it for processing.
Automating Email Processing
Use Email2DB to parse data from any form based emails, such as web site feedback forms, e-commerce providers, eBay orders, PayPal, Amazon Marketplace confirmations etc... Use the data to update your database, print a report then send a customized email confirmation!
Parse email messages to database

Email2DB will do just more than update your databases. You can print custom reports, update Outlook contacts, save attachments to specific folders, send auto-responses, control Windows processes, run scripts & macros - all from received emails

CRM-Express has an sophisticated parsing system to parse incoming messages to its database.

Create new parsing templates

Templates can easily be created with the Parse Email Template Designer.

Automated responses send multiple customized email messages. You can also forward the original email on to multiple recipients. You can control who you send new emails to, based on the content of the incoming email. You can even send automatic follow up emails at scheduled dates in the future!


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