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What does a CRM-Express license cost?

See the Buy page for single and multiple license discounts as well as how to purchase a license. Licenses are sold per pc.

Note: If the program is for personal use, we can supply you up to 3 licenses at no extra charge

Do you have a Cross Grade discount from other  software?

No, our prices are already a fraction of that of our competitors.

What are the benefits of a CRM-Express license?

Licensing your copy of CRM-Express has the following benefits:

  • The licensed version does not expire.
  • You get FREE minor updates of the program for one year after purchase.
  • You get FREE major updates of the program for 90 days after purchase.
  • You get discount on updates.
  • You get FREE priority email support for one year after purchase.
  • Additional features are available like exporting data, Desktop Publishing, etc.

Where can I purchase a CRM-Express license?

You can purchase CRM-Express licenses through any payment contractor we use from our Buy page

Why do you only support by email?

Many duplicated questions are asked and providing telephonic support by knowledgeable people is expensive. Less than 1% of our users require telephonic support and it would be unfair to increase our prices to cover the cost of telephonic support and therefore penalize the majority of users that never phone in. There are various other software vendors that provide telephonic support (at a higher license cost) if a user cannot live without telephonic support.

Why do you only support the latest edition?

The latest version contains improvements and bug fixes. Previous versions would not have the latest improvements.

Where can I contact you for support?

You can contact us through the support form
Please note: We provide priority support for Licensed Users.

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