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  • ??a t?? Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008 ? t? 2012 e d?a?e???st?? d??a???t??, ?a??? ?a? ?a sta?e?? d?e????s? IP, s??dede??? e t? d?ad??t??.
  • ??a? ?p?????st?? e Windows e ta Windows XP ? Vista ? 7 ? 8
    ? 2000, 2003, 2008 ? t? 2012 d?a???st?

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Administrators Manual
Profile Administrators Manual
User Manual

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  ?p????te CRM-Express Live, ?ta? ... ?p????te CRM-Express Network / Desktop ?ta? ...
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  • ??e???eta? ??a p????aa CRM p?? t???e? se ??e? t?? e?d?se?? t?? Windows, s?pe???aa?????? t?? Windows 8
  • T??ete ta ded???a sa? st?? e??as?a ??a t?? et???, ??a t? laptop sa? st? d??? ?a? st? sp?t? ??a ap? t? ???s? f?a? / afa????e?? ???da d?s???.
  • Most of your business is at the office like a doctor's practice.

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