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CRM-Express Desktop/Network is available in 4 paid editions: Enterprise, ?pa??e?at?a?, eSales and ???t?p?
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??p?? CRM Multi-???st? ?a? / ? e??? ???st? Multi-???st? ?a? / ? e??? ???st? Single-user Single-user
Ribbon interface
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?????? et????, pa?a??e??e?, t??????a, d???se?? ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta? N / A
?????? ta?t??????? ???st?? a?? ???? d?e????se?? ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta? 1
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News Feeds  
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Planner S????e?s??  
Designer Form    
???at?t?ta SMS  
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?p?st????? p???ap??? ???s?t??    
???at?t?ta ????s?    
Import / Export
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???????? ??e?t??????? ta??d??e??? se ??f? a??e??? pdf    
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??a?e???ste?te ??ste? ??e?t??????? ta??d??e???  
Auto-subscribe/Unsubscribe se ??ste?  
Email ?p?st????? ap? t? CRM-Express ??a t? CRM
???at?t?ta ??a t?? p??stas?a ???? d?e????se?? e t? ???a ???st? ?a? t?? ??d??? p??sas??  
CRM Multi-user logins  
Helpdesk ???sas? se e??t?se?? ?a? apa?t?se??
S???????s?? st? d??t?? e f???t??? ?p?????st?? ?a? ?????? ?p?????st??    
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F??e??? ??t?p?s?
??t?p?sete epa??e?at???? ???te?      
Barcodes ??t?p?s?      
Web-to-???d?? ?e???t??a ??f?      
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?a???e? ????t?? epe?e??ast? p??????      
Parse online-p???se?? ???ata      
????se?? ??sa????      
Email a?t?at? ap??t?s?      
Email web a?a??se? ?a ?d???se?      
Email multi-threading
?at?????? Email ?e? pe??????eta? 10 5 5
Email ??ata 10 2 1 1
Email ?ap???e?
  • ??at????e t? d??a??a ?a p??s??s? / afa???s? ?a?a?t???st??? ap? t? CRM-Express ?at? t? d?????


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