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CRM-Express Live is available in 2 editions : CRM-Express Live On-Premise and CRM-Express Live web-based hosted.

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F????e?e?ta? ap? es?? st?? server t?? d??t??? sa? ? se dedicated server sa? se ??a? ISP ? se ??a e??????? dedicated server se ??a? ISP
CRM-Express Live web-based f????e?e?ta?
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CRM Price (once-off) $100 for the basic product. This includes a 2-user license. $10/user/month. Minimum 1 license. Includes access via mobile phone or tablet.
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Signup CRM-Express Live now
Add-on ???ste? (once-off)
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1-2 $50.00
3 - 4 $30.00
5-9 $20.00
10 - 49 $15.00
50 and above $10.00
Sub f????e??a t?? CRM-Express Live  
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  ??e? ?? t??? ??a t?? t?????sa ??d?s? e??a? ef?pa? - ?e? ???a?a t??? ???? ??a ?a??? ???a?? p????
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??s?at???? ?s? ded????? SQL - Firebird - ?e? apa?te?ta? p??s?et? ded?????
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Ribbon interface
????ap??? T?ata  
???a se ??a? ?p?????st?  
???a ?s? t?? d??t???  
???a ?s? d?ad??t???
? p??sas? ?s? Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
S?s?e??? Access ?p?????st?, f???t? ?p?????st?, ????t? t???f???, a?????? s?s?e?? p.?. iPad ?p?????st?, f???t? ?p?????st?, ????t? t???f???, a?????? s?s?e?? p.?. iPad
? p??sas? ap? s?s?e??? ????t?? t??ef???a? ? pad
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?????st? # t?? ???st?? 1 1
# ????st? t?? ???st?? ?p?? p????? ?? ?de?a ?p?? p????? ?? ?de?a
???atest???? st? ?p?????st? sa? ? t? d??t?? sa? ? dedicated server sa? st? d?ad??t?? ?? ?p?????st?? a?
?de??d?t?s? ??a t? ????s??? CRM ??? ???st? ??? ???st?
?????? epaf?? ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta?
?????? ????? d?e????se?? ?e? pe??????eta? 1 a?? eta??e?a - ?? epaf?? ????? ? ???
?????? et????, pa?a??e??e?, t??????a, d???se?? ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta?
?????? ta?t??????? ???st?? a?? ???? d?e????se?? ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta?
?????? ta?t??????? ?e??????a ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta?
? p??sas? st? Google ?e??????a
? p??sas? se ???a ?e??????a ???st?
?p?st??? ????t?? eta?? t?? ???st??
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?p?st????? p???ap??? ???s?t??
Import / Export
????ap??? efa??se?? t?? ????? d?e????se??
???????? ??e?t??????? ta??d??e??? se ??f? a??e??? pdf
????????? ?ta??e?a
??a??se? ?a?a??e??e? st? ?s? ded?????
??a?e???ste?te ??ste? ??e?t??????? ta??d??e???
??a??se? f??e? se a??e?a CSV
?p?st????? ?s? ??e?t??????? ta??d??e??? ap? t? CRM-Express ??a t? CRM
???at?t?ta ??a t?? p??stas?a ???? d?e????se?? e t? ???a ???st? ?a? t?? ??d??? p??sas??
CRM Multi-user logins
HelpDesk ???sas? se e??t?se?? ?a? apa?t?se??
??? a???? t?? d?a??s??? ???ss?? 64 64
???e????e? p????f???e? ?esa d?a??s?e? se ??? t?? ??s?
?????? ???a??as?? email ?e? pe??????eta? ?e? pe??????eta?
  • ??at????e t? d??a??a ?a p??s??s? / afa???s? ?a?a?t???st??? ap? t? CRM-Express Live ?p?? ??p??e ta?????e?


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