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CRM-Express ?a d?a???se? ?? p????? ?e?t???????? e?d?se?? CRM ??a 30 ???e?. St? s????e?a t? ????s??? CRM ?a ???e? a? de? ????? d????e?.
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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) s?a??e? f???t?da t?? epaf?? ?a? t?? pe?at?? sa?. ??t? s?a??e? ?t? d?at????ta? t?? ?ept???e?e? t?? ???e epaf?? st? d???es? sa? ??a ?a apa?t?s??e t? s??t??te?? d??at??.

Example: You search for a contact and all his details are there instantly. His name, surname, emails, orders, invoices, payments, notes, tasks, contact information like skype numbers, relatives, facebook profile, tweets and other social information.

T??ete ?a ep????????sete a?? t??; ?p??e?te ?a t? ???ete se ?a se??? ap? t??p??? e?s?at???? st? CRM-Express ?s? t??ef????, fax, e-mail, sms, facebook, skype, twitter ?.?p. T??ete ?a ste??ete ??a ???a ??e?t??????? ta??d??e??? se ?a ??da epaf??; ???s??p???ste t? email ?a? s?????e?s? a???????af?a? e?s?at???? se CRM-Express.

CRM Desktop ?a? ??d?se?? ???t???

??a ta p?????ata p???? ?a? ??a ta Windows 8

Looking to download CRM-Express Live? ???? CRM-Express Live from here

What is the difference between the ??t???? and Unicode Versions Differences between Unicode and ??t???? versions

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New: Version 2013.4.2
?ata???????e: 29 t?? ?p???? 2013
New: Version 2013.4.2
?ata???????e: 29 t?? ?p???? 2013
New: Version 2013.4.2
?ata???????e: 29 t?? ?p???? 2013



New: Version 2013.4.2
?ata???????e: 29 t?? ?p???? 2013


New: Version 2013.3.10
?ata???????e: 25 ???t? 20133
Version 2013.3.10
???st????e: 25 t?? ?a?t??? 2013
New: Version 2013.3.9
?ata???????e: 24 ?a?t??? t?? 2013



New: Version 2013.3.9
?ata???????e: 24 ?a?t??? t?? 2013



??a???s? ap? pa?a??te?? ??d?s? t?? CRM-Express ?ata e??at?stas??

Sa? s???st??e ?a ???ete ??a a?t???af? asfa?e?a? t?? t?????sa? e??at?stas?? ???s??p????ta? t? Windows Explorer. ? t?????sa e??at?stas? e??a? s?????? ??t? ap? C: \ ?????aa Files \ CRM-Express
  • Run Add/Remove program from Control Panel and remove CRM-Express and Firebird
  • ???s??p????ta? t?? ??e?e???s? t?? Windows, ea???e?te ?t? ? ?at?????? ?a? ??a ta a??e?a se a?t? ap?a??????ta? ??t? ap? C: \ ?????aa Files \ CRM-Express
  • ???atast?ste t? ??? CRM-Express p????aa ap? t? setup.exe
  • ??te??ste CRM-Express ?a? ???te ???? st? OK ??a ?a a?aa??sete t? ?s? ded????? sa?.
Note: CRM-Express ?pa??e?at?a? stores the address books by default in the My Documents\CRM-Express\AddrBooks folder.
?ta? afa??e?te t? p????aa e ???a?a ??????? (2) p??? ap? t? p????aa e??at?stas?? de? d?a???fe? a?t? ta ???a d?e????se?? p?? ep?t??pe? ? ??a ??d?s? ??a ?a t? a?aa??sete.


?pa?af??? se pa?a??te?? ??d?s?

????????ste ta pa?a??t? ?ata

  • ??t??es? Add / Remove p????aa ap? t?? ???a?a ??????? ?a? afa???ste CRM-Express
  • ?????te t?? a???? ??d?s?? st? CRMExpress.ini a??e?? se ?a ??d?s? p??? ap? t? ?a ???ete ?a e??atast?sete
  • ??p??et?ste t?? pa?a??te?? ??d?s?
  • ??a??? CRM-Express ?a? ???te ???? st? ???p? OK ?ta? sa? ??t??e? e?? ???ete ?a a?aa??sete


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