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Note: Purchases made via the Internet does not include a box. It is a downloaded version activated by a key on registration

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CRM-Express Live - On Premise (Hosted ap? es??)

CRM-Express Live - On Demand (Hosted by PGCSoft)

????? CRM-Express Live for Single-user/Network/Internet

$50 per user minimum 2 users

$100 for the basic product. This includes a 2-user license.


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????? CRM-Express Live now

Note: You have to buy the basic product before you can buy an add-on pack

Add-on pa??ta
???ste? ??? a?? ???st?
1-2 $50.00
3 - 4 $30.00
5-9 $20.00
10 - 49 $15.00
50 and above $10.00

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?as???? $ 10/user/month

$10/month for the basic product. This includes

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  • ????t? p??sas? ?s? t?? tablet ? ???p?? t???f???.
  • 1 email s??des? ??a ?a s??de?e?te st?? t?????ta ???a??as? e-mail sa?
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Add-on pa??ta ($ 10 a?? ???st? a?? ??a)

???s??ste ?p???d?p?te a???? ???st?? st?? ?d?a eta??e?a ??a $ 10/user/month
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