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CRM-Express Live e??a? e??atest???? se ??a d?a???st? ?a? st? s????e?a p??e? ?a p??se???ste? e ??a p????aa pe?????s?? ap? ??a? ?p?????st?, p???t??????? ? t? ????t? t???f???. ? d?a???st?? p??e? ?a e??a? se ??a ??e?st? d??t?? ? st? d?ad??t??.

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? d?a???st?? p??pe? ?a e??a? ??a ap? ta a??????a:

  • a dedicated server (starting from +- $60 per month) from various ISP's on the internet. (or)
  • ??a e??????? dedicated server (?e?????ta? pe??p?? $ 18,17 a?? ??a) ap? d??f??e? ISP e??a? st? d?ad??t??. (?p?s?? ???st? ?? VPS ? Virtual Private Server)
    • Mochahost.com $ 18.17
    • Gogaddy.com $ 29.99
    • 1&1.com $ 29.00
  • CRM-Express Live cannot be run on the normal shared $5 per site  except if the ISP installs it on the server and gives you access to it.

? d?a???st?? p??e? ?a e??a? st? Internet ? ??a t?p??? d??t??. ??a? server bit Windows 32 ? 64 p?? p??e? ?a t???e? ? Internet Information Server (IIS) 5 ? ?e?te?? ??d?s?. ??t? pe???a??e? ta Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Windows 2008 Server ?a? Windows 2012 Server. ?? apa?t?se?? ?????? ?a e?a?t?ta? ap? t? ?e?t??????? s?st?a p?? ???s??p??e?te. ?a?a??t? a?af????ta? ?? e????ste? apa?t?se?? ??a t? Windows 2000 Server:

  • ?pe?e??ast? Pentium III ? ?a??te?a
  • 600 MHz CPU ? ?a??te??
  • 512 MB RAM ? ?a??te?a
  • 500 MB S?????? d?s??? apa?t?s? ??a t?? e??at?stas?.
  • ??a sta?e?? d?e????s? IP, e?? ? d?a???st?? f????e?e?ta? st? d?ad??t??
  • ??a ????? e a????s? 1024 x 768 pixels ? e?a??te??.

Note CRM-Express Live consumes more resources as the number of users increase. You can upgrade your server when required.


Client / Workstation ?pa?t?se??
?p??e?te ?a ap??t?sete p??sas? CRM-Express ???ta?? ap? ?p???d?p?te ?????a (PC, Laptop, pad, t? ????t? t???f???, ?.?p.), p?? ?p?st????e? ??a s??????? p????aa pe?????s??. ?? pe??ss?te??? browsers ?a p??pe? ep?s?? ?a e??aste?. Sa? p??te????e Chrome, Internet Explorer (t? a???te?? 6), Firefox ? Safari. ??a ????? e a????s? 1024 x 768 pixels ? e?a??te?? a? e??a? ??a? ?p?????st??. ? ????t? ??d?s? ?p?st????e? ?a ????? e a????s? 320x240 ? ?????te??


Mobile ?e??te?

?? pe??ss?te?e? s??????e? ?a? ??p??e? pa?a??te?e? ????t? t???f??a ?a? ta a??????a ?a ?e?t?????se?.
CRM-Express Live ??e? ?a d?epaf? t?? p?????at?? pe?????s?? (p?? p??????eta? ??a t?? pe?????s? ap? ?p?????st??), ?a??? ?a? ??a ????t? interface (p?? p??????eta? ??a t?? pe?????s? ap? ????t? t???f??a).
The mobile interface uses JQuery Mobile which has been tested with multiple mobile devices. For a list see http://jquerymobile.com/gbs/. This includes most phones and pads like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Palm, Windows etc.


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