CRM Software for Sales | Offline Sales Management with CRM-Express
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If you are selling anything, CRM-Express makes it easy to manage your sales and information. You can create quotes, orders, picking lists and invoices quickly and easily. You can keep a record of clients with contact details, fees paid, all communications whether by fax, email, phone calls, etc. CRM-Express can be used as the main medium for communications between you and clients regarding product delivery, fees outstanding, etc.


CRM-Express allows you to share data over the internet by using Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive.


However, you can create orders, quotes and invoices while offline. As soon as you are online again, the data will be synched with your SkyDrive data.


Invoice, Orders and Quotes are completely customizable. A new feature is that product images can now be included in the pdf file generated by the invoicing process.

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